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Play Games.
Make Music.

Welcome to the fun music creation studio


Explore Many Unique Gadgets

What kind of sounds do you like? Drums? Bass? Keys? You can create them with these synths.

A synthesizer can create all of the sounds you need to make music. In this game, there are 16 synthesizers called "Gadgets" for you to enjoy.

Let's Listen to the Sound!

Create Patterns on the Grid

Don't worry about reading a score. Follow your intuition, and a melody will be born from the squares you place on the grid.


Play with Your Friends

Cooperate or compete; it's up to you - up to 4 people can make music together.
Overcome the pressure of the approaching time limit!

The Joy-Con™ is Your Instrument

Push, shake, and turn.
Move the Joy-Con™ in different ways to interact with your sound.


Holding and turning the Joy-Con™ will change the tone gracefully, and moving it up and down will produce notes from high to low.
Get the real feeling of performing from the HD vibration as you play.

It’s Time to Start a Music Party.

Are you ready to become the next big star? Let's start making music!

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